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This page is to highlight the notable activities, publications, and achievements of AFE Staff, Board, and Members. If you have an item about an active AFE member that you would like to see posted here, please email office@fireecology.net.

July 11, 2018: Video Features Research by AFE Member Eric Menges

Check out the film, Surviving Fire: In the Florida Scrub, that features 3 decades of research by AFE member Eric Menges of Archbold Biological Station. The 16-minute video explores fire adaptations and fire management in the Florida Scrub ecosystem, using time-lapse photography, drone videos, and dramatic images of prescribed fire.

AFE's Letter to the Secretaries of Agriculture and Interior

The Association for Fire Ecology is advocating for the travel restrictions imposed on federal fire scientists and managers to be lifted. Click here to read the letter that AFE recently sent to the Secretaries of the Department of Agriculture and the Department of the Interior

November 18, 2016: Why Have There Been So Many Wildfires This Fall?

AFE President Leda Kobziar is interviewed by NPR about wildfires in the Southeast.  

September 1, 2016: The Wild in Wildfire

Former AFE president Michael J. Medler writes about what he's learned about wildfire in wilderness for The Trumpeter Journal of Ecosophy.  Read the essay here

April 14, 2014:  Berkeley's SAFE Chapter Shows Prospective Students of Native American Heritage Their Fire Lab

Berkeley's SAFE chapter lit a lot of curiosity over the weekend when we hosted ~40 potential Cal students with Native American heritage. We focused on cultural burning, using trees to understand the past, prescribed fires, and live fire demonstrations to create an exchange of information from both the participants and hosts. The kids asked a lot of questions and didn't want to leave the lab or the fire tornado!  Read the full story here.

March 15, 2014: Over 50 SAFE students attend Fire Trex Training

Working with TNC, SAFE students were able to get training and help reduce fuels in Nebraska's Niobrara Valley.  Read Articles Here: Part 1 and Part 2.  Radio Interview can be heard Here.

March 2014:  Fire Trex–Fire Training Exchange with SAFE and The Nature Conservancy

The next generation of conservationists is taking fire leadership seriously. Fifty members of the Student Association for Fire Ecology (S.A.F.E.) from five universities are spending their spring breaks learning at the Niobrara Valley Preserve.  Not only will these students be learning how to use equipment, ignite fires and plan controlled burns but they will also be studying the effects of fire on grasslands by visiting and studying controlled burns that were completed in the past several years. Check out the SAFE Facebook Page for live updates throughout the event!

February 28, 2014:  Experts Debate Challenges of Adapting to Wildfires

Articles about the Resiliency in the Southwestern Ecosystems Workshop in Tucson, Arizona that was co-organized by AFE.  Read article here.   Here's another article.

January 17, 2014:  Summer Course from Michael Lannoo

AFE member and Fire Ecology journal author Michael Lannoo offers exciting new summer course taught by renown author John Maclean "Causes and Consequences of Fatal Wildfires"  Read more here.

January 5, 2014:  AFE Represented at the Argentine-Latin American Forest Congress

AFE was represented in both oral and poster presentations at the 4th Argentine-Latin American Forest Congress in Puerto Iguazu, Misiones, Argentina.  Read About it Here.

December 30, 2013:  AFE Board President Honored by University for Forestry Research

Brian Oswald was recognized by Stephen F. Austin University for his innovation and excellence in teaching and research.  Read the full article here.

November 13, 2013:  University of Wisconsin Stevens Point Wildfire Program Shows How Life Rises From the Ashes

AFE Board member Ron Masters has developed the curriculum for this new program.  Read about it here.

Congratulations to the 2013 Student Excellence Award Winners!

AFE awarded 3 students our Student Excellence Awards this year: Jena Ferrarese, Daniel Godwin, and Kristen Miller.   One of the winners, Daniel, was featured in an article that appears on his university's website.

Study Fire Ecology Abroad!

AFE Board President Brian Oswald will teach "Fire Ecology and Management in Spain" in May, 2014. Read the Course Brochure Here for more details and for links to the program website.

October 15, 2013:  In Rim Fire's Wake, Lessons for Saving our Forests

AFE's former board president, Scott Stephens, discusses his experience and work in the area of the Rim Fire.  Read the story here.

October 9, 2013:  Shutdown Impacts Roanoke Conference About Wildfires

The Association for Fire Ecology co-hosted the Wildland Fire in the Appalachian Conference with the Consortium of Appalachian Fire Managers and Scientists, a federally funded organization.  When the federal shutdown furloughed their employees, AFE stepped in and was able to reorganize the event so it was a great success for those who were able to attend.  The Roanoke paper covered the story,  read about it here.

September 16, 2013:  Northwest Communities, Including Sudden Valley, Prepare for Risk of Wildfires

AFE member and former board president Michael Medler is featured in this piece on wildland fire risk and preparation in Western Washington state.  Read the article here.

September 13, 2013:  From Yosemite to Colorado, Our Approach to Wildfires is All Wrong

AFE member and frequent conference speaker Stephen Pyne looks at the big picture and analyzes this year's fire season in this Washington Post Op-Ed.  Read it here.

September 4, 2013:  How California's Rim Fire Grew So Big

Analysis on Yosemite's massive fire this year by AFE's former board president Scott Stephens.  Read the story here.

August 29, 2013:  University of Idaho Fire Ecology Program Receives National Certification

The Association for Fire Ecology has certified 7 university programs this year through our Wildland Fire Academic Certification Program.  Read this article about the University of Idaho's certification.

July 11, 2013:  CAFNR Students Become Wildland Firefighters.

Student Association for Fire Ecology (SAFE) members from University of Missouri Mizzou study wildland fire dynamics and get real world experience on the fire line.  Read about it here.

July 5, 2013:  Arizona Fire Deaths Prove No One Should Die for a House.

AFE member (and former Board Member) Crystal A. Kolden published an op-ed in the Washington Post, entitled "Arizona fire deaths prove no one should die for a house." The piece received an enthusisastic response with more than 200 comments. Read the op-ed. Read articles by Crystal in AFE's journal Fire Ecology.

April 25, 2013:  Incedios: Ni Tanto Que Queme al Santo…

AFE member Eugenio Fernández published an article in the Spanish language daily 24 Horas entitled "Incendios: ni tanto que queme al santo… " Read the article here (in Spanish). View an automatic translation (note that language will be imprecise).

March, 2013 and December, 2012

AFE's 5th International Fire Ecology and Management Congress is featured in two articles in Convene Magazine.   Post Con:  AFE Ignites Lasting Connections       Pre Con: AFE Wants to Spread Like Wildfire

February 25, 2013

Stephen F. Austin State University Regents Lecture by Dr. Brian P. Oswald, the Joe E. Denman Distinguished Professor of Forestry in the Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture and Association for Fire Ecology Board of Directors President.  Lecture will focus on the growing wildfire problem in the Netherlands.
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