About AFE Sections

Student Association for Fire Ecology (SAFE)

The primary objective of Student Association for Fire Ecology (See our SAFE page) is to provide students from diverse backgrounds with an open forum on fire ecology through which research can be shared, networks formed and funding and information resources can be accessed.

NEWEST SECTION:  AFE Latina ~ Latin America and Iberia

AFE now speaks Spanish and Portuguese!  This section formed in December 2012 at AFE’s 5th International Fire Ecology and Management Congress.  Please see our AFE Latina page for more details.

AFE Southeast (AFESE)

The mission of AFESE is to foster excellence in fire ecology and fire management among fire ecology professionals in the Southeastern U.S. through science and education.

Want to learn more about fire in the Southeast? Check out Fire Lines. This newsletter is published by the Southern Fire Exchange once every two months to briefly summarize recent fire-related publications, projects, activities, and news.

AFE of the Tropics (AFET)

AFET seeks to foster both scientific research and the dissemination of fire-related information to improve global understanding of tropical fire ecology and how it affects and is affected by human populations. AFET members conduct tropical fire ecology research in countries throughout the tropics. Members also participate in community based fire management and fire education. As a group, AFET members would like to make scientific and educational contributions to improve fire policies in the tropics.

California Association for Fire Ecology (CAFE)

The Original Association for Fire Ecology. CAFE brings all of our California members together to work on fire ecology issues in California.

Join a Section

Members of AFE may join a regional section at no extra cost. Your membership in a regional section will remain active as long as you remain current on your annual dues. You can join a section through our membership area.

Section Establishment

Sections are established and run by AFE members. Interested in establishing a regional section?  Contact the AFE.

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