2017 Fire Congress Research Highlights

The Research Highlights below are short summaries of presentations given at the 7th International Fire Ecology and Management Congress, which was held in Orlando, Florida, November 28-December 2, 2017. This conference was hosted by the Association for Fire Ecology, in cooperation with the Southern Fire Exchange. These 1-3 page documents provide insight into how research can influence management decisions and practices, and we hope they are a valuable resource or both wildland fire managers and researchers. 

Presenters who still wish to submit a research highlight can do so by completing the form at this link: https://fireecology.wufoo.com/forms/qolhvik0rfdktb

General Sessions by Topic

Case Studies and Lessons Learned

Fire Ecology and Effects

Fire Management and Use

Fire Modeling

GIS and Remote Sensing

Living with Fire ~ Cultural, Socio-Economic, Health

Policy Issues

Restoration & Resiliency


Special Sessions

Beetle and Fire Interactions in Western North America

Connecting Direct and Indirect Measures of Soil Heating to First- and Second-Order Fire Effects Using Wildfire, Prescribed Fire, and Laboratory Investigations

Exploring Past & Future Roles of the Cooperative Extension Service in U.S. Fire Education

Fire Trek: The Next Generation

GRIN: Stoking the Flames for the Next Generation of Fire Scientists

Prescribed Fire Science: An Interdisciplinary Focus on Fire We Use

Restoring Fire Integrity: A New Paradigm Arises from the Ashes

Toward an Inclusive Culture

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