SAFE Award Winners

2013 Wildland Fire in the Appalachians Conference

safe 2013 awards

(left to right)  Daniel Godwin, Kristen Miller, Jena Ferrarese

Edward Komarek Graduate Student Excellence Award -  Daniel Godwin and Jena Ferrarese
Harold Weaver Undergraduate Student Excellence Award
 - Kristen Miller

2012 5th International Fire Ecology & Management Congress


(left to right) Adam Watts, Brian Oswald (AFE Board President), Micah-John Beierle

Edward Komarek Graduate Student Excellence Award – Dr. Adam Watts (Fire Ecology articles) and Micah-John Beierle

2011 Interior West Fire Ecology Conference

Graduate - Chris Dunn and Garrett Meigs, Oregon State University
Undergraduate – Penny Whisenant, Stephen, F. Austin State University

More information about the 2011 SAFE award winners can be found on the 2011 SAFE Award Winners page.

2009: 4th International Fire Ecology and Management Congress: Fire as a Global Process

Undergraduate - Sparkle Malone, University of Florida

2008: Fire in the Southwest: Integrating Fire into Management of Changing Ecosystems

Andrea Stebleton and Susie Douglas

2007: The ’88 Fires: Yellowstone and Beyond

Chris Powell and Josh Switzer

2006: 3rd International Fire Ecology and Management Congress: Changing Fire Regimes: Context and Consequences

Graduate - Jay Lininger, University of Montana
Undergraduate -
Tyler Hawkins, Texas Tech University

2005: Fire in Grassland and Shrubland Ecosystems, An International Symposium, Tall Timbers Fire Ecology Conference

Graduate - Jennifer Potts, University of California Berkley (Fire Ecology articles)
Undergraduate -
Micah-John Beierle, Stephen F. Austin State University