AFE Membership Benefits

As of Feb. 19, 2014, AFE has just updated our membership database. Previously you accessed our membership database using a “username” and password. Now you will simply use your email. Within the next few days, everyone who’s ever been an AFE member will be sent an email to the address we have on file for you. This is the only email you can use to access your account. In cases where people had more than one email on file, we used the most recent one. If you need to use a different email, contact us at the email below and we can reset it for you.

For Current or Former AFE members: The first time you log into this system, use the email that we have on file for you and then click on “forgot password.” After you have completed the captcha, you will either be told your new password has been emailed to you, (which means that you used the correct email that we have on file for you) or that your email was not found, in which case, try a different email. If you cannot get an email that works, or you no longer have access to the email on file, please notify us that you need your email changed, and we’ll get your account updated with preferred address as soon as possible, and send you a confirmation when done. You can then go back in, reset your password, and view your profile, renew your account, or view the directory. Note: All users must update their password; any previous passwords you used for the AFE website are no longer on file.

For New AFE members: As you complete the membership application, you do not actually enter in a password. You will automatically get emailed a password, which you can keep or change.

Please do not make another membership account! If you are unable to access your account, or are unsure if you’ve ever been an AFE member, please contact us instead of making a new account.

Many memberships have lapsed because we had some difficulties with our old system not sending out renewal reminders. We apologize for this, and we hope that this new program will improve our efficiency and communication with our valued members.

We’ve made some changes to our membership fees: We have made our international rates a sliding scale, we have added retiree rates, and we have very slightly raised our baseline fees.

We appreciate your ongoing loyalty to AFE and we hope you have a good experience with our new system. We appreciate your patience as we transfer different parts of our website to the new system. If you encounter any problems or see any errors, please contact Catia Juliana,

Please note: There may be a temporary delay in membership and certification access as we integrate the two systems. We appreciate your patience and full functionality should be back shortly.

$50 – Professional Membership
$25 – Student Membership (includes membership in SAFE)
$25 – Retiree Membership
$25-$50 – International Membership (sliding scale)
AFE offers the following services that are now exclusive benefits for members:
  • Conferences—AFE hosts some of the most exciting fire ecology conferences in the world! AFE members will receive discounted registration rates on all of our conferences and priority selection for presenting at our conferences over non-members. As well, there may be special “members only” activities such as field trips, socials, or presentations during our conferences or at other times.
  • Wildland Fire Certification Program—Only AFE members may apply for this exciting new program that offers professional certification for fire ecologists. The goals of this program are to formally identify fire careers as vital professions, to set standards for the preparation of future fire professionals, and to document the education, experience, and training qualifications of fire ecology researchers, educators, and managers. Once certified, AFE members will be listed on our website.
  • Awards—AFE has 3 annual prestigious awards that it gives out to outstanding students and professionals in the field of fire ecology. Only AFE members can submit nominations for awards.
  • More to come—We are continuing to develop our membership benefits to show our appreciation to our members. And we’d love to hear from you! If you have ideas, comments, suggestions, or questions, please contact us at